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Financial Restructuring
Thanks to our years of experience, we are very pleased to introduce our product in the field of financial restructuring.
Thanks to our excellent relationships with banks, insurance companies, tax offices, other institutions and organizations we are able to fully meet the needs of all our customers.

We perform the following tasks:
Information on financial restructuring
1.1. Definition of Financial Restructuring

The term financial restructuring means the release of all debt and is identical to the concept of debt restructuring, consolidation of multiple debts, debt settlement or debt relief.

The financial restructuring is possible when creditors are willing to accept a monthly fee in order to gradually pay off the total debt. In addition, the customer must have a fixed and steady income to meet the monthly payment of the fee to pay off a debt. To do this, we consider that the monthly repayment instalment should not exceed one third of the total monthly income. The customer must be able to cover their other living expenses such as loans, rent, electricity, water, telephone, maintenance etc...

1.2. Benefits of restructuring

The success of financial restructuring depends on several factors:

The greatest chance of achieving a favourable settlement whereby the creditor accepts a financial restructuring plan, is that the payback period ranges between a period not exceeding 6 years.

1.3. Principles of a financial restructuring

It is important that our customer understands, that we are mediators between the debtor and the creditor. Therefore it is not correct to assume that we will proceed to pay all customer bills.

There is no need to emphasise that Finance Enterprise Financieras Benefits cannot force a creditor to accept a settlement. However, we will endeavour to achieve the best solution for our customers and thereby achieve economic recovery.
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Frequent questions
What are the costs of financial restructuring?
  • A processing fee of the contract for the amount of a monthly fee as stipulated in the contractual agreement for the financial restructuring.
  • A monthly management fee, equal to 15% of the monthly fee.
What are the basic rules to be taken into account for financial restructuring?
  • The monthly fee should be at least 1% of the total amount of debt. Otherwise it is not interesting negotiation for the respective creditors.
  • The monthly payment, which is dedicated to the restructuring must be at least 50 €, in order to negotiate an acceptable offer with the creditors.
Does the financial restructuring agreement guarantee success?

Needless to say that a creditor cannot be forced to give up their demand. Our contract is therefore no guarantee of success. However, thanks to our neutral manner and negotiation strategy, we have consistently achieved excellent results with banks, insurance companies, etc...

Can I cancel the contract?

The contract includes a 2 week period during which the customer can terminate the contract for free. During this period, the contract may be immediately terminated by both parties. If there is an outstanding debt of payments, this will be returned to you minus the appropriate management costs.

What debts can be restructured?

Experience has shown that almost all debts are able to be restructured. However, the individual and / or personal creditors do not usually work directly with private financial Agencies. However, we have designed in these cases a useful and satisfactory solution for our customers, cannot be restructured debts to public or state authorities.

What documents do I need to provide for fast processing, without any problems?
  • Your signed Financial Restructuring agreement.
  • A complete list of your creditors.
  • A copy of your Passport.
  • A declaration of real economic ownership (attachment of any amendments).

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